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Santa off-duty

Frank has been Santa Claus in New York City department stores for the last 40 years and he’s also played Santa Claus on Television sitcoms…talk about one specialized profession. It never occurred to me that one could make a reasonable living off being Santa…only in New York!

Simplify Your Life

Central Park is full of energy and life this time of year. Locals and tourists enjoy its beauty and springtime blossoms. I loved seeing people of all ages and backgrounds find simple enjoyment in these beautiful Cherry Blossom trees.

The Classic Fireman

As I walked along the upper west side of Manhattan on a Sunday morning, I saw this scene and had to photograph it.


Breakfast with Lillian

How many 102 year olds do you know who go to a diner and eat at the bar? Here are a few photos of my friend Lillian who’s turning 103 in August. In my opinion, she’s the epitome of a true New Yorker.