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This gentleman interested me because he looked like the quintessential traveling writer. I took a few photos of him, but as with most good street portraits, it’s the first or second shot that ends up being the final select. During the first shot, the person hasn’t had time to be self-conscious of their appearance yet. The first glance is when people are the most real.

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As with many cities around the world, neighborhoods in New York City vary drastically from each other. Uptown and Downtown are two different worlds. The most contrast, I’d say, is between the Lower East Side and the Upper East Side. Fashion is just one illustration of this contrast. Both are very hip in their own ways. What do you think? Vote now for your favorite.

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I came across these identical twins on the steps near Bethesda Fountain in Central Park. They are somewhat notorious for doing their synchronized workouts there. I was told by a friend that they have been in ads for Nike and Adidas. I snapped a photo of them from the front. Then as I was passing behind them, I noticed their identical sweat stains and shirt wrinkles and had to laugh. I find it comical that they’re even synchronized in things they don’t plan.


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Now in her mid 80’s, Norine continues to shoot fashion in her 4th story walkup studio. She friended me on Facebook not too long ago and finds full time interns through craigslist. Need I say more? Norine is one of the coolest women I know (click ثنائي خيارات نهاية تداولات اليوم to friend her on facebook).


Originally from Toronto Canada, she was literally one of the first North American models to “get off the boat in Paris” (she booked a prominent modeling campaign the day after arriving). She later founded a successful modeling agency and helped implement a voucher payment system for models, a system that is still used today. She moved on to being a clothing stylist, makeup artist and eventually a fashion photographer, which is what she continues to do today.


Having known her for several years, I can attest to Norine’s youthfulness and loveliness. She has all too many classic stories to tell from her various careers and experiences as a photographer. Just a year or so ago, police cars rushed to Norine’s 15 story apartment building to stop a woman from jumping off the roof. As it turns out, Norine was just having a photoshoot. The 911 caller saw the model near the edge of the roof wearing only a bed sheet blowing in the wind and thought she was going to jump.


These photos are in celebration of Norine’s recent birthday. After having breakfast together, we walked a few blocks to her photography studio, went up 5 flights of steps to the roof and did a few more shots on the fire escape.


Doctors are trying to get her to walk with a cane. Her response is that she’s too vain. I happen to think she’s too young.


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Frank has been Santa Claus in New York City department stores for the last 40 years and he’s also played Santa Claus on Television sitcoms…talk about one specialized profession. It never occurred to me that one could make a reasonable living off being Santa…only in New York!

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How many 102 year olds do you know who go to a diner and eat at the bar? Here are a few photos of my friend Lillian who’s turning 103 in August. In my opinion, she’s the epitome of a true New Yorker.

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